Perspective is a group of friends. We meet once a month to discuss and blog about what our members read. We would be delighted if you join us on this academic journey.




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  1. Perspective Meet 16 today was a fantastic session indeed – Mr Ochintya Sharma (VP Global Engineering Binatone and MD Hubble India) held us captive with his take on ‘Internet of Being’… IIITG looks forward to more such sessions…


  2. Subeno Kithan – it was a delight listening to you in Meet 12 of Perspective last Friday! Ethnography offers such incisive insights into the human condition – thank you for sharing your views and your work. we are honoured.

    Meanwhile, our Perspective blog is also up and running now – great first post Rajarshi!
    Requesting all others to write write write – let the academic games begin!! Wishing us all more ‘learning’ times ahead….


  3. It is amazing how a different perspective to life sometimes opens up newer horizons of thought and well being. Shri P.J. Brahmachary’s talk on Yoga and the mind-body relation was inspiring and soothing at the same time. Simplicity is such a balm – even when it comes to public speeches really. A BIG Thank you to Shri Brahmachary and the Resource Persons from Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture Guwahati for making this a week of holistic healing. A superb intellectual perspective on 17 June followed by a nice practical session at IIITG on 21 June. Thanks to all those who participated.


  4. Hi Friends! Basanta Deka (Retd. Prof. Dept of Physics; Handique Girls’ College Guwahati) will tell us about the ‘Limits of Knowability: From the Physics Point of View’ in tomorrow’s Perspective.
    From the micro to the macro (and all matters in between), here’s our chance to learn about the thinsg that define our physical world(s). See you at 2.30 pm for Meet 10 at IIITG. Cheers!


  5. For 90 minutes Prof Mitch Kachun talked and we listened… spell-bound…
    History never felt so alive as in those 90 minutes…. Thank you so much Prof Kachun for making us see that every history comes with its own story…What an amazing Perspective!


  6. Dear Friend
    Have you ever wondered how one man’s (or, more rarely, one woman’s) story becomes a nation’s history? Or how memory serves to construct and alter our collective narratives of who we are? Or how the present fashions heroes out of men of the past?

    If you have pondered over these and such other questions, then I have good news for you. As part of our half-anniversary celebrations, we shall have PROF MITCH KACHUN (Prof of History; Western Michigan University) over for a special session of Perspective. He shall lead us in understanding “The First Martyr of Liberty? Crispus Attucks in American Memory”

    So please be here in IIITG on 4 MARCH 2016; 2.30pm for a ‘historical perspective’ and a super exciting SPECIAL SESSION MEET 7!!

    See you!!


  7. Hey Friends! Hope you all have been well. Perspective is celebrating its half-anniversary in style in March 2016. Stay tuned!!! 🙂


  8. Hello Perspectivians!! Hope you got my New Year’s Day mail and hope you had a great weekend.

    Meanwhile, Perspective Week is here – looking forward to catching up with you all at Meet 5 when Dr Gautam Kalita (IIITG) will speak on ‘Basics of LaTex Typesetting’ and Manbendra Sarma (B.Barooah College) will give a presentation on drama interestingly titled: ‘That can’t be staged’!

    Promises to be a useful and entertaining session. Be there! See you

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  9. Wow – wow! Thank you Dr Hari Choudhury for teaching us SPSS and Parag K. Deka for telling us about Conceptual Metaphors. What a rollicking session! Thanks to the others Arpana/ Dimple/ Kasturi who came all the way to attend Meet 4 and we were most happy to see a few new friends join us!! Our brood grows bigger! Well done folks…


  10. Dear Friends,
    Meet 4 of Perspective is scheduled for 11 December (Fri); 2:30pm
    Dr Hari Choudhury of IIITG will be talking on ‘Basics of SPSS’
    Parag Kumar Deka of Gauhati University will speak on ‘Conceptual Metaphors: Theory, Poetics and Politics’

    Please mark your calendars 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you all!!


  11. Hey Folks!! Avishek and Nirman’s talks are scheduled for 13 Nov; 2:30pm. Their abstract/ handout is available under ‘Upcoming Talks’. Check these out!!
    Will send out a mail too soon – See you next Friday!!

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  12. My upcoming talk is on “Python! for teaching-learning.” This title is not final yet ^_^. Rought content will be several packages for maths, linguistics, cse, ece, etc. This language is taught in primary school level and is multi-disciplinary friendly! And I feel that Python will bridge this gap well. Coming soon! 🙂


  13. hi everyone!
    i am sifting through colonial documents from late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century India. I am struck by the writing style. From military reports to hunting books – even advertisements on newspapers from Calcutta use the rhetoric of sensibility. “To feel India” becomes a cultural agenda for illustrious intellectuals like Edmund Burke, William Jones and hack journalists as well.

    Every romantic poet, it seems, wrote something or the other about the orient (especially India). Schwabb says this was Oriental Renaissance!


  14. Hello Friends! The very best wishes for Durga Puja and the festival season ahead!! 🙂
    Amongst Members’ news:
    Gautam has gone to Chennai to attend a workshop in Mathematics…
    Emon’s birthday went off yesterday – so many happy returns of (yester)day once again dear! Have a fruitful year ahead…
    I am headed to Kolkata to meet an old friend after nearly a decade- so a madcap week ahead.

    Avishek and Nirman – hope you do not forget your reading in the midst of all festivities, eating and making merry! Please do mail us your topics soooooon..
    I am thinking of having our Whatsapp group too – Wot say?!
    Cheerio!! 🙂


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