‘Perspective’ is a small informal group of friends who meet with the hope of learning from each other. Academics can sometimes be a lonely vocation and in the hurly-burly of teaching and given the rigours of research life, one may often acutely miss the sheer joy to be found in learning in the company of another…

‘Perspective’ is thus an attempt to rediscover the (self and fellow) student within us. Our members meet on the second Friday of every month in the premises of the Indian Institute of Information Technology GuwahatiĀ  to read and discuss some book or other/ make presentations/ pose questions or just to voice our thoughts and dreams. We are a group that does not worry (or care) too much for disciplinary boundaries – we come from backgrounds as varied as Mathematics, Computer Science, English, Linguistics, Law, Economics, Anthropology and are looking for more disciplines to show us more perspectives! As of now our group has members from institutes across Guwahati, Assam, like IIITG, IITG, NEF, Cotton College, Law College, B.Barooah College, Gauhati University, TISS etc.

At present we have at least two speakers from different disciplines in each session. Members usually come forward to talk about their research area or present their work or discuss any book they read (which troubled them)! In short, we fight on, discuss, talk about all things academic! If you are someone who is passionate about learning, and have an inquisitive mind, we are waiting for you – please join us and help us ‘attain perspective’!